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Art and it’s Advantages



This is a sketch. It was a sketch. Thick black lines and no color, freehand with a pen. This was just something doodled while bored.

This has caught someone’s attention.

I am a member of the DeviantArt Community (http://www.deviantart.com/); I have been for some seven years now. Art is so much a part of my life that I kept a sketchbook next to me working in Secure environments in Iraq (it was such a pain to get my sketchbook in and out everyday, and I didn’t always have the time or inspiration to draw anything; it was worth it). I will be going to art school, in fact; a three year bachelor’s program.

This Doodle, a Moon/ Sun thing that was inspired by a woman who got something similar as a tramp stamp in her 20’s and was now regretting it, was the thing that someone thought: I like it and I’ll give this artist hope about what they can accomplish here. It was enough of whatever it is that makes art likeable to the people who think art is worth the effort to actually send me a note and say: Hey you! There’s potential here! Look at what you can accomplish all on your own, before you even thought that you needed help!

I feel like all the love and pain I put forward for this passionate hobby of mine has finally made it worthwhile. As if: this doesn’t just have to be something I enjoy doing, it can be something that other can enjoy having me do. I can make someone else just as happy seeing my work as I feel making my work. I think that this was the feeling that every artist starts with and carries within them; in my case, it faded and took a back-burner to my life as a Soldier, and now it has been re-awakened in a sudden burst of inspirational visions and dreams about the future. I can go so far forward on the momentum that I just received: I can make it onwards to learn without feeling the struggle and headache of institutionalized education as a burden.

The images rolling through my head now include bits and pieces for a story I had in a dream: robots and humans at war again while flowers change the atmosphere; insects and small creatures made of lines and points; mythical beings in full, vibrant colors…

All I lacked was the drive to put these things down to paper: it doesn’t matter my skills or lack of knowledge, I need them out of my head! It has become awfully crowded within my mind, and I fell as though I can finally get some space in there for myself as well. It would be nice, I think, to be able to have a thought that wasn’t crowded with images that aren’t associated with it. Sounds unusual right? You try having a thought about hamburgers and have flying dogs whiz by! Or think about a nice sunset, and have large, cumbersome, animal-esque machines roving in the distance, doing whatever it is they do today, whether that be mining, transporting, or destroying. It’s as if I can’t have a normal thought. I’m hoping that I will have at least one, soon, just to experience what it’s like.

I’m fucking STOKED!