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The Colors of it All


The Dobhar-chu

It’s amazing the things that will keep a person awake until three in the morning: a baby, medical conditions, art…

After finally installing MSD4 and loosing my practice piece (it is still unfinished and wont reopen) I decided to finish this Poster for my self challenge: the Art Nouveau Cryptid Poster Project. This painful experience is brought to you by my Sanity, which took a coffee break.

While working on this poster, I had quite a bit of time to reflect. My thoughts meandered from my Art, and the freedom I currently have to do it, to my Family, and how soon I will be with them again, and to some of the Dreams I’ve had, how they affect me and how they’ve changed over time. Noted: I am not the first woman President of the USA, nor will I ever be!

I have had many different ideas this past week. None of them are related and all of them require much more time and energy than I have. Life has not been so easy having so many choices. There are things to be thought about.