Monthly Archives: August 2014

…and the wheel in the sky keeps on turning


Weeeeell now.

Seems I haven’t updated at all… since forever.

Let’s see here…..


I went back to the land of the Rising sun. It was glorious. I stood in the Shadow of the Moody Lady, and gave myself to another Goddess.

I am, again, in the midst of school, and all the stresses therein. However, I do think I may actually swim instead of sink.

My family is once again stabilized, as it was off-kilter for a short time. We have resolved some issues and are mending nicely. (Not to worry, we were not having such issues to break a family, just simply pulling one of our own upon their feet).


I am, in my own way, rediscovering my love of writing, and will be coming back here, sooner rather than later, to make sure that I put these words into actions upon the virtual pages.


❤ Azzi