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Yuletide Meditations


Yule Blessings57-512

I am not necessarily a mighty contemplater of the deeper secrets of the past. I would much rather think on the seagull before me, alone, standing upon the light post, surveying the sunrise with me. This beautiful, bright lavender red pink orange yellow just before the Sun hits the horizon-line. This is the Dawn at the End of the World; or the Beginning. I am reminded of Augra, and the Great Conjunction, except we have one Sun, and currently Sagittarius is pointing right at it, as it comes up once every 26000 years, right through the visual center of our Milky Way. As the gull and I sit, Life, apparently, goes on. A Woman walks her dog. The store below me is open, and the people come for their morning coffee. Cars move down to the Beach, or the Highway.

I am up several hour early to watch THIS sunrise.

Today is Yule, the Winter Solstice.

Today is December 21st, 2012.

This day, we lose the guidance of our great ancestors, those who saw us before we were even an Idea.

This is the day the Mayan Long Calendar ends.

The chill before the dawn. I can see the brightness that only means one thing: Sol is upon us. The Sun is Risen. The mountains and treeline between us prevent my eyes from the sight, but I know the Sun has breached the Horizon. It is always the best comfort, any day of the year.

I didn’t leave the house yesterday. I was planning out the Christmas Presents Display, and was, unfortunately, glued to my TV set. The Prophet Nostradamus, as vague as a cat when it speaks, penned an Illustrative Collection, which was conveniently “Recently Discovered”, and appeared far to easy to interpret, next to his Quatrains. I am unaware of anything else so hotly debated than this day, that there are three separate, current calls for the “End of All”.

The Solstice is a time of change, of Transition. This is the time when you decide: continue forward or change the thing to a better Balance. Samhain, the Deep Night, is a time for Seeing, when you ask yourself if you are best serving your Balance. Yule, I have found, is the best time to enact the changes to you Balance, that the Gods may know your intentions for the coming year, and are able to better guide you for the next Turn of the Wheel.

Sol has blinded me. Father Sun is fast breaking over the obstructions between Him and Me on our part of this horizon. The morning has literally just turned to Gold. There are more birds on the light post. Small finches occupy the wire, and the gull has come and gone some five times now. Some single crow finds his voice, then another, and another. Life, again, has decided that it will continue as it has, here on our corner by the Beach. The Birds will sing, the Waves will crash quietly behind all other noises, and the Woman with her dog will still walk the block. I can imagine the stillness of the Forest, which is not yet a mile from me. The quiet places along the trails, the animals, the creek, cold as the Ocean, but fresh and clean enough to drink.

Sol is now fully over the horizon and begins His journey across the sky, nearly free of all visual obstructions, save birds and telephone wires. He changed the colors again, to light blue of the distance, and white in our foreground. The Day is Open, welcoming. All comers now have the choice: Will we continue the previous Path? This well worn route our shoes have already tread? Shall we start anew? Burn all to the ground and begin again? Or will we rise to the Occasion, take our Brothers and our Sisters within our arms and let Love be our answer, let Trust guide us forward on a Path we, as a Whole People, have yet to journey together?

I choose to go down the Path of Love and Trust. I pray that more will follow: In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. We will create anew. We will have a Renaissance of our Time, where the Hate and it’s child War will be laid to rest, and there will be Sciences, Art, and Hope.

Once upon a Time

there was a Path that crossed mine

I was afraid to walk it

for it was unfamiliar, and I was young.

Now in my Learned Days

I have come back to that Path

and I recognize it as an old friend

and  now, gladly, walk upon it.

Within my heart I hold

Perfect Love, Perfect Trust

I walk along this path with Hope

I know others here

I am glad of others here.

One day, this Path will be the well worn Path,

others will join us, in multitudes

and we will all

Be Free.